Nebraska Revised Statute 81-885.18

Chapter 81


Application; refusal; hearing; decision.

(1) If the director of the commission, after an application in proper form has been filed with the commission, accompanied by the proper fee, refuses to accept the application, the director shall give notice of the fact to the applicant within twenty days after his or her ruling, order, or decision.

(2) Upon written request from the applicant, filed within thirty days after receipt of such notice by the applicant, the commission shall set the matter down for a hearing to be conducted within ninety days after receipt of the applicant's request.

(3) The hearing shall be at such time and place as the commission shall prescribe. At least twenty days prior to the date set for the hearing the commission shall notify the applicant and other persons protesting, and the notice shall set forth the reasons why the director refused to accept the application. Such written notice of hearing may be served by delivery personally to the applicant and protesters or by mailing the same by registered or certified mail to the last-known business address of the applicant and protesters.

(4) At the hearing the applicant shall be entitled to examine, either in person or by counsel, any and all persons protesting against him or her, as well as all other witnesses whose testimony is relied upon to substantiate any protest or denial of the application. The applicant shall be entitled to present such evidence, written and oral, as he or she may see fit and as may be pertinent to the inquiry.

(5) At the hearing all witnesses shall be duly sworn by the chairperson of the commission, or any member thereof, and stenographic notes of the proceedings shall be taken. Any party to the proceedings desiring a copy of the stenographic notes shall be furnished with a copy upon the payment to the commission of such fee as the commission shall prescribe, if the request is made within ten days after the date of any order issued by the commission.

(6) The commission shall render a decision on any application within sixty days after the final hearing on such application and shall immediately notify the parties to the proceedings, in writing, of its ruling, order, or decision.