Nebraska Revised Statute 81-885.07

Chapter 81


State Real Estate Commission; created; members; appointment; qualifications; compensation; expenses; director; rules and regulations; conduct real estate institutes and seminars; fees.

(1)(a) There is hereby created the State Real Estate Commission which shall consist of the Secretary of State, who shall be chairperson of the commission, and six members appointed by the Governor.

(b) Three of the members of the commission appointed by the Governor shall be active and licensed real estate brokers who have engaged in the real estate business as brokers or associate brokers for not less than five years, which members shall be appointed by the Governor, one from each of the three congressional districts. If a boundary of a congressional district changes, a member affected by such change shall continue to serve the balance of the term of appointment for the district for which such member was appointed.

(c) The remaining members shall be appointed at large, one of whom shall be representative of the public, one of whom shall be a licensed real estate salesperson who has engaged in the real estate business as a salesperson for not less than three years, and one of whom shall be an active and licensed real estate broker who has engaged in the real estate business as a broker or associate broker for not less than five years.

(2) At the expiration of the term of any member of the commission, the Governor shall appoint a successor for a term of six years. Any appointed member shall be limited to one six-year term, in addition to any partial term served. In the event of a vacancy on the commission, the Governor shall fill such vacancy by appointing a member to serve during the unexpired term of the member whose office has become vacant. In the absence of the chairperson, the senior member of the commission in point of service present shall serve as presiding officer. Not less than four members of the commission must be present at any official meeting of the commission. The action of the majority of the members of the commission shall be deemed the action of the commission. No appointed person may act as a member of the commission while holding any other elective or appointive state or federal office.

(3) Each member of the commission shall receive as compensation for each day actually spent on official duties at scheduled meetings the sum of one hundred dollars and expenses incurred in the performance of official duties as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177.

(4) The commission shall employ a director who shall keep a record of all the proceedings, transactions, communications, and official acts of the commission, be custodian of all the records of the commission, and perform such other duties as the commission may require. The director shall call a meeting of the commission at the discretion of the director or upon the direction of the chairperson or upon a written request of two or more members of the commission. The commission may employ such other employees as may be necessary to properly carry out the Nebraska Real Estate License Act, fix the salaries of such employees, and make such other expenditures as are necessary to properly carry out the act. The office of the commission shall be maintained in Lincoln and all files, records, and property of the commission shall remain in such office. Neither the director nor any employee of the commission may be an officer or paid employee of any real estate association or group of real estate dealers or brokers.

(5) The commission may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations relating to the administration of but not inconsistent with the act.

(6) The commission may conduct or assist in conducting real estate institutes and seminars and incur and pay the necessary expenses in connection therewith, which institutes or seminars shall be open to all licensees.

(7) The commission may charge reasonable fees for services it renders, not to exceed the actual costs thereof, except as otherwise provided in the act. The fees established by the commission pursuant to the act shall be established at the level necessary to meet expenditures of the commission as approved by the Legislature and to provide a sufficient cash fund balance.