Nebraska Revised Statute 81-829.54

Chapter 81


State emergency response teams; employees; expenses; political subdivisions; reimbursement by state; rental of equipment; payment; damages.

(1) The state shall reimburse a political subdivision for (a) the compensation paid and expenses of employees of such political subdivision while serving as members of a state emergency response team as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177, (b) all payments for death, disability, or injury of such employees incurred in the course of such duty as provided in the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, and (c) all losses of or damage to supplies and equipment of such political subdivision resulting from the operation of such state emergency response team.

(2) The state shall pay a fee for rental of privately owned equipment used in the operation of a state emergency response team and shall also pay for any loss or damage to privately owned equipment used in emergency response. The fee for rental of such privately owned equipment shall be fixed, and any loss or damage to such equipment shall be assessed by a board consisting of three persons to be appointed by the Governor, one of whom shall be the materiel administrator of the materiel division of the Department of Administrative Services.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, see section 48-1,110.