Nebraska Revised Statute 81-829.52

Chapter 81


State emergency response teams; establish; team leader; appointment; duties.

Upon orders of the Governor, the Adjutant General is authorized to establish such number of state emergency response teams as may be necessary to reinforce emergency management organizations in stricken areas and with due consideration of the plans of the federal government and of other states. The Adjutant General shall appoint a team leader for each team who shall have primary responsibility for the organization, administration, and operation of such team. The team leader shall keep and maintain a roster of members of the team, and only such persons whose names appear on the roster shall be deemed members of such team and entitled to the benefits provided by section 81-829.53. No political subdivision shall be entitled to reimbursement as provided in section 81-829.54 unless the individual on whose behalf reimbursement is sought was duly enrolled on the roster as provided in this section at the time the obligation was incurred. State emergency response teams shall perform their functions in any part of the state or, upon the conditions specified in mutual aid plans and emergency management agreements, in accordance with the Interstate Civil Defense and Disaster Compact, and in this section, in other states.


Cross References

  • Interstate Civil Defense and Disaster Compact, see section 1-109, Appendix, Nebraska Revised Statutes, Volume 2A.