Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,122.01

Chapter 81


Land survey; filing; contents.

Whenever a survey has been executed by a land surveyor who is registered under the Land Surveyors Regulation Act, a record of such survey bearing the signature and seal of the land surveyor shall be filed in the survey record repository established pursuant to section 84-412 if such survey meets applicable regulations. Surveys which are within the corporate limits of a city with a population in excess of fifteen thousand inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census and do not reference, recover, retrace, or reestablish the original government corners or lines or do not create a new subdivision are not required to be filed in the survey record repository but shall be filed in the county surveyor's office in the county where the land is located if they meet applicable regulations. If no regular office is maintained in the county courthouse for the county surveyor, it shall be filed in the survey record repository. The record of survey shall be filed within ninety days after the completion of the survey, or within any extension of time granted by the office in which it is required to be filed for reasonable cause, and shall consist of the following minimum data: (1) Plat of the tract surveyed; (2) legal description of the tract surveyed; (3) description of all corners found; (4) description of all corners set; (5) ties to any section corners, quarter corners, or quarter-quarter corners found or set; (6) plat or record distances as well as field measurements; and (7) date of completion of survey. The record of survey so filed shall become an official record of survey, and shall be presumptive evidence of the facts stated therein, unless the land surveyor filing the survey shall be interested in the same. Plats or maps which are prepared only for the purpose of showing the location of improvements on existing lots, which are not represented as surveys or land surveys and no corners are established or reestablished, shall be specifically exempt from all requirements of this section.