Nebraska Revised Statute 81-701.04

Chapter 81


Department of Transportation; fees; deposited with State Treasurer; credited to Highway Cash Fund.

There shall be paid to the Department of Transportation in advance for the services of the department, or any officer or employee thereof by the party demanding or necessitating the service, the following fees: For typing a transcript or copy of any instrument recorded or filed in any office of the department, fifteen cents for each one hundred words; for blueprint copy of any map or drawing, or photostatic copy of any record, a reasonable sum to be fixed by the department in an amount estimated to cover the actual cost of preparing such a reproduction; for other copies of drawing, two dollars per hour for the time actually employed; and for certificate and seal, one dollar. The Director-State Engineer shall keep a record of all fees received. Such fees shall be currently deposited with the State Treasurer by the Director-State Engineer for the use of the Highway Cash Fund and the Director-State Engineer shall take his or her receipt therefor and file the same with the records of his or her office.


Cross References

  • For other provisions for fees, see section 25-1280.