Nebraska Revised Statute 81-541.01

Chapter 81 Section 541.01


High-rise building fire code; adoption; State Fire Marshal; duties.

The State Fire Marshal shall not later than April 1, 1982, adopt and promulgate rules and regulations establishing a high-rise building fire code. Such code shall apply to all new and existing office buildings and all new and existing residential buildings with floors located more than five stories or seventy-five feet above the lowest level of access by a fire department vehicle. New buildings shall mean buildings on which construction commences after the effective date of the code and existing buildings shall mean buildings on which construction has commenced on or before the effective date of the code. Existing buildings shall comply with the code on or before April 1, 1984. The code shall make distinctions between the standards set for new buildings and those set for existing buildings. Such rules and regulations may include, but not be limited to, provisions for the following:

(1) A complete automatic sprinkler system or an approved alternate system;

(2) A smoke detection system;

(3) An alarm, communication, and central control system;

(4) Areas of refuge;

(5) Appropriate fire safety features for elevator systems;

(6) Appropriate emergency, and standby power and light systems; and

(7) Fire control devices for mechanical systems, including but not limited to, automatic shutdowns and fire dampers.

Such code shall conform generally with sections 1807 and 1907 and other related provisions, including sections 103, 104, 105, 106, and 502 of the Uniform Building Code published by the International Conference of Building Officials, 1979 edition, as it exists on August 30, 1981. The code adopted pursuant to this section shall constitute a minimum standard in Nebraska and local codes may be more restrictive.


  • Laws 1981, LB 266, § 1.