Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2121

Chapter 81


Act; not applicable to certain situations; enumerated.

Nothing in the State Electrical Act shall be construed to:

(1) Require employees of municipal corporations, public power districts, public power and irrigation districts, electric membership or cooperative associations, public utility corporations, railroads, telephone or telegraph companies, or commercial or industrial companies performing manufacturing, installation, and repair work for such employer to hold licenses while acting within the scope of their employment;

(2) Require any person doing work for which a license would otherwise be required under the act to hold a license issued under the act if he or she is the holder of a valid license issued by any city or other political subdivision, so long as he or she makes electrical installations only in the jurisdictional limits of such city or political subdivision and such license issued by the city or political subdivision meets the requirements of the act;

(3) Cover the installation, maintenance, repair, or alteration of vertical transportation or passenger conveyors, elevators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, stagelifts, manlifts, or appurtenances thereto beyond the terminals of the controllers. The licensing of elevator contractors or constructors shall not be considered a part of the licensing requirements of the act;

(4) Require a license of any person who engages any electrical appliance where approved electrical outlets are already installed;

(5) Prohibit an owner of property from performing work on his or her principal residence, if such residence is not larger than a single-family dwelling, or farm property, excluding commercial or industrial installations or installations in public-use buildings or facilities, or require such owner to be licensed under the act;

(6) Require that any person be a member of a labor union in order to be licensed; or

(7) Prohibit a pump installation contractor or pump installation supervisor licensed under the Water Well Standards and Contractors' Practice Act from wiring pumps and pumping equipment at a water well location to the first control.


Cross References

  • Water Well Standards and Contractors' Practice Act, see section 46-1201.