Nebraska Revised Statute 81-201

Chapter 81


Department of Agriculture; general powers.

The Department of Agriculture shall have power (1) to encourage and promote, in every practicable manner, the interest of agriculture; (2) to promote methods of conducting the industry of agriculture with a view to increasing the production and facilitating the distribution thereof at the least cost; (3) to collect and publish statistics relating to the production and marketing of agricultural products, so far as such statistical information may be of value to the agricultural and allied interests of the state, and to cooperate with the federal government in the matter of collecting and publishing such statistical information; (4) to publish and distribute the Weeds of the Great Plains book and supplemental inserts thereto, for sale and distribution to the public. All money collected from the sale of the publications shall be remitted to the State Treasurer and credited as provided in section 81-201.05; (5) to inquire into the causes of contagious, infectious, and communicable diseases among domestic animals and the means for the prevention and cure of the same; (6) to execute and enforce all laws relating to matters within its jurisdiction and to adopt necessary rules and regulations for the administration and enforcement of such laws; (7) to employ special investigators who shall be appointed deputy state sheriffs by the Governor and who shall, upon qualifying for such office, possess all the powers which attach to such office, except that their powers and duties shall be restricted to the enforcement of the laws of the State of Nebraska within the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture; and (8) to perform laboratory testing services as provided in section 81-2,293.


Cross References

  • Animal disease control, Department of Agriculture, general powers and duties, see Chapter 54, article 7.


  • Nebraska State Board of Agriculture is a corporation possessing no immunity from the enforcement of its honest debts and just obligations by the ordinary processes of the courts. Crete Mills v. Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, 132 Neb. 244, 271 N.W. 684 (1937).