Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1936

Chapter 81


Examiner's license; reciprocity; requirements.

An applicant who is a truth and deception examiner licensed under laws of another state or territory of the United States may be issued an appropriate license by the secretary without examination if the secretary, in his or her discretion, determines the applicant has produced satisfactory proof that:

(1) He or she is at least nineteen years of age;

(2) He or she is of good moral character;

(3) The requirements for licensing of a truth and deception examiner in such state or territory of the United States were at the date of the applicant's licensing therein substantially equivalent to the requirements of sections 81-1901 to 81-1936;

(4) The applicant has lawfully engaged in the administration of truth and deception examinations under the laws of such state or territory for at least six months prior to the application for license;

(5) The other state or territory grants similar reciprocity to the license holders of this state;

(6) The applicant has complied with section 81-1930; and

(7) The applicant has paid the required fee.


  • Laws 1980, LB 485, § 36.