Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1926

Chapter 81


Public examiner; fee; private examination; second license required; violation; penalty.

Any public examiner license fee shall be paid by the agency or political subdivision employing the examiner or intern. Any public examiner whose license indicates the address of the public institution employing the examiner shall, prior to performing any private examination, obtain a second truth and deception examiner's license. The public examiner shall meet the requirements prescribed in sections 81-1916, 81-1917, and 81-1921 to 81-1924 and shall pay the annual renewal fee prescribed by section 81-1921 when applying for a second license. Failure to obtain a second license when administering truth and deception examinations as a private examiner shall, except upon a showing of good cause, result in suspension of the first license for a period of three months after a hearing held upon ten days' notice by the secretary or his representative. At such hearing the public examiner may present evidence and call witnesses.


  • Laws 1980, LB 485, § 26.