Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1924

Chapter 81


License; fee; duplicate license; place of business; displayed.

A license issued under sections 81-1901 to 81-1936 is the property of the state and shall be loaned to the licensee. A license or duplicate license shall be prominently displayed at each place of business of every examiner and the address of the licensee's place of business shall appear on the face of the license. The fee for a duplicate license is ten dollars.

If a licensee maintains more than one place of business, the licensee shall obtain a duplicate license from the secretary with the address of the additional business location appearing on the face of the duplicate license. The duplicate license must be prominently displayed at the address indicated on the face of the license. This section is not to be interpreted as prohibiting a truth and deception examiner from administering examinations at locations other than that prescribed on the license.


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