Nebraska Revised Statute 81-178

Chapter 81


Report; classification of work items; task force, duties.

The report required by section 81-177 shall classify work items by urgency of need using three classes defined as follows:

Class I — items for immediate action to (1) provide safety and protection against costly damage to buildings or their utility systems, (2) make structural, mechanical, or other repairs to buildings or their components or utility systems which are an immediate danger to the lives or health of state employees or the general public, or (3) bring buildings into compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990;

Class II — items of imperative need to correct problems that if neglected will quickly deteriorate further into Class I items that must be done to provide efficient and safe use of the facility or system; and

Class III — additional items necessary to fully renew or provide efficient and safe use of the facility or system.

The task force shall recommend to the Governor the classification of projects and priorities to be established for grants within the classifications. The Governor shall make such classification of projects and establish such priorities as shall be best calculated to achieve the purposes of the Deferred Building Renewal Act.


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