Nebraska Revised Statute 81-177

Chapter 81


State agency; inspection of facilities; report; contents; referred to task force.

Each state agency operating or managing state-owned buildings, utilities, or grounds shall make a detailed inspection of facilities under its care to determine accurately what renewal work items exist and the probable cost and time required for doing the work. A detailed report of the findings shall be made to the Governor, listing for each building, utility, or grounds improvement, the individual work items with estimated quantities and unit prices. Such report shall also include a listing of projects needed in state-owned structures to accommodate persons with handicaps as provided in sections 81-5,147 and 81-5,148. The report shall state which work items are recommended to be done under contract and which are proposed to be done by agency forces with an estimate of hours of labor and labor costs. The Governor shall refer the report to the task force for its study and recommendations pursuant to section 81-178.