Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1302

Chapter 81


Terms, defined.

As used in sections 81-1301 to 81-1316 and 81-1354.01, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Gender when referring to masculine also includes feminine;

(2) State personnel service shall refer to the personnel system established by such sections together with those aspects of personnel systems established under any other law as such systems may be affected by such sections;

(3) Position shall mean an office or employment in an agency of this state, whether part time or full time, temporary or permanent, and whether occupied or vacant, or existing for the performance of specific duties;

(4) Employee shall mean any person in the employ of an agency or department who receives a salary or wage;

(5) Position title shall mean the title assigned a position having discrete characteristics relative to the duties, responsibilities, skills, training, experience, and other factors under the state position classification plan;

(6) Job description shall mean the description of duties, responsibilities, typical tasks to be performed, degree of supervision to which subject or for which responsible, and conditions under which an incumbent in a given position shall perform, for each class and position in the state service;

(7) Pay grade shall mean a specified range of salary or wage, the starting and intermediate rates within such range, and the maximum rate of such range as may be approved by legislative enactment;

(8) Position classification plan shall mean the system of classifying each position in the state service in accordance with the kinds of skills, experience, working conditions, and other factors peculiar to each and the structuring of classes of positions in accordance with the different kinds of treatment necessary for each class and the positions within each class;

(9) Salary or pay plan shall mean a plan by which positions, as previously arranged under the classification plan, are evaluated by classes in relation to one another, by which pay grades are specified for each class of positions, and which is governed by a set of fundamental rules authorizing and controlling changes in the pay of classes of positions and their incumbents as may be provided for by law and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to such law;

(10) Fiscal year shall mean the twelve months between July 1 of one year and June 30 of the next succeeding year;

(11) Biennium shall mean the twenty-four months between July 1 of each odd-numbered year and June 30 of the year following the next succeeding calendar year;

(12) Qualified shall mean, with reference either to a candidate for employment or an employee, that he or she has been examined by appropriate means and found to possess the minimum ability and the minimum requirements of training, experience, and other requirements for the position sought or held and may therefor be certified as eligible for employment in such position;

(13) Job specifications shall mean a formal statement of skills, experience, personal qualities, education, and other factors to be required of persons who hold or seek employment for each position in the state's service;

(14) Recruiting shall mean the act or actions through which potentially qualified persons are caused to apply for employment with any agency of the state;

(15) Classification shall mean the process by which the duties, responsibilities, working conditions, skills required, experience required, supervision received or exercised, or both, and other factors relative to a position are established in proper relationship to the same factors for all other positions in the state's service and from which there shall result a job description, job specifications, and assignment to a pay grade for the position so affected;

(16) Budget division shall mean the budget division of the Department of Administrative Services;

(17) Staffing pattern shall mean the number of positions in each class and the specific classes of positions as may be authorized for each department or agency of state government by the budget division;

(18) Authorized position shall mean any position the creation of which has been approved by the budget division;

(19) Merit increase shall mean any increase in the rate of pay for any position in the state's service beyond the starting rate and which shall be provided for by the pay plan and which shall be granted in recognition of length of service, superior or outstanding performance, or as otherwise provided for by law;

(20) Grievance shall mean a management action resulting in an injury, injustice, or wrong involving a misinterpretation or misapplication of rules promulgated by the personnel division or agency rules and regulations;

(21) Director shall mean the Director of Personnel; and

(22) Personnel division shall mean the personnel division of the Department of Administrative Services.


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