Nebraska Revised Statute 81-1108.43

Chapter 81


Capital construction project; prohibited acts; exceptions; warrant; when issued.

(1) No state agency or department shall:

(a) Perform for itself any of the services normally performed by a professional engineer or architect in the preparation of plans and specifications for the construction, reconstruction, or alteration of any building or in the administration of the construction documents and final approval of the project when the total project cost is four hundred thousand dollars or more; and

(b) Employ its own work force for any such construction, reconstruction, or alteration of capital facilities when the total project cost is fifty thousand dollars or more.

(2) The Department of Administrative Services shall adjust the dollar amounts in subsection (1) of this section every four years beginning January 1, 2002, to account for inflationary and market changes. The adjustments shall be based on percentage changes in a construction cost index and any other published index relevant to operations and utilities costs, as selected by the department.

(3) This section shall not apply to the Department of Transportation or to any public power district, public power and irrigation district, irrigation district, or metropolitan utilities district. If, during the program statement review provided for under section 81-1108.41, it is determined that existing or standard plans and specifications are available or required for the project, the division may authorize an exemption from this section. The Director of Administrative Services shall not issue any warrant in payment for any work on a capital construction project unless the state agency or department files a certificate that it has complied with the provisions of this section.