Nebraska Revised Statute 8-702

Chapter 8


Banking institutions; maintain membership in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; automatic forfeiture of charter; prohibited acts; penalty.

(1) Any banking institution organized under the laws of this state shall, before a charter may be issued, enter into such contracts, incur such obligations, and generally do and perform any and all such acts and things whatsoever as may be necessary or appropriate in order to obtain membership in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and provide for insurance of deposits in the banking institution. Any banking institution may take advantage of any and all memberships, loans, subscriptions, contracts, grants, rights, or privileges which may at any time be available or inure to banking institutions or to their depositors, creditors, stockholders, conservators, receivers, or liquidators by virtue of those provisions of section 8 of the Federal Banking Act of 1933 (section 12B of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended) which establish the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and provide for the insurance of deposits or of any other provisions of that or of any other act or resolution of Congress to aid, regulate, or safeguard banking institutions and their depositors, including any amendments of the same or any substitutions therefor. Any banking institution may also subscribe for and acquire any stock, debentures, bonds, or other types of securities of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and comply with the lawful regulations and requirements from time to time issued or made by such corporation.

(2) The charter of any banking institution which fails to maintain membership in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation shall be automatically forfeited and such banking institution shall be liquidated and dissolved, either voluntarily by its board of directors under the supervision of the department or involuntarily by the department as in cases of insolvency. Any banking institution whose charter is automatically forfeited under the provisions of this subsection which continues to engage in the business for which it had been chartered after such forfeiture, as well as the directors and officers thereof, is guilty of a Class III felony.