Nebraska Revised Statute 8-356

Chapter 8


Capital stock savings and loan association, defined; capital stock; how treated.

(1) A capital stock savings and loan association, referred to in sections 8-356 to 8-384 as a capital stock association, shall mean a financial institution incorporated under sections 8-356 to 8-384 having for its purposes the encouragement of home financing, the accumulation of capital through the issuance and sale of its stock, the acceptance of such accounts, referred to in sections 8-356 to 8-384 as deposits, as may be authorized for mutual savings and loan associations, and the lending of funds so accumulated in accordance with the powers conveyed to mutual associations by Chapter 8, article 3. A capital stock association shall issue a class of stock known as capital stock. The par value shall be stated in the articles of association and bylaws and approved by the Department of Banking and Finance. The consideration for capital stock which has a par value shall be credited to the capital stock account at its par value and any excess shall be credited to paid-in surplus and both shall be maintained as the fixed and permanent capital of the association. Participation in the management of the association shall be limited to the holders of capital stock.

(2) Capital stock shall be a reserve to absorb losses after all surplus, undivided profits, and other reserves available for losses have been depleted.

(3) Capital stock shall not be subject to redemption except on dissolution and shall then be eligible for redemption only after all accounts, deposits, and other creditors, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the case of an insured institution, have been paid in full, together with accrued interest.