Nebraska Revised Statute 8-2735

Chapter 8


Licensee; notice to director; when; report; contents.

(1) A licensee shall file notice with the director within thirty calendar days after any material change in information provided in a licensee's application as prescribed by the director.

(2) A licensee shall file a report with the director within five business days after the licensee has reason to know of the occurrence of any of the following events:

(a) The filing of a petition by or against the licensee under any bankruptcy law of the United States for liquidation or reorganization;

(b) The filing of a petition by or against the licensee for receivership, the commencement of any other judicial or administrative proceeding for its dissolution or reorganization, or the making of a general assignment for the benefit of its creditors;

(c) The filing of an action to revoke or suspend the licensee's license in a state or country in which the licensee engages in business or is licensed;

(d) The cancellation or other impairment of the licensee's bond or other security;

(e) A charge or conviction of the licensee or of an executive officer, manager, or director of, or controlling person of, the licensee, for a felony; or

(f) A charge or conviction of an authorized delegate for a felony.