Nebraska Revised Statute 8-150

Chapter 8


Banks; real estate; power to acquire and convey; limitations and conditions.

(1) Any bank may purchase, hold, and convey real estate that is (a) acquired pursuant to section 8-149, (b) conveyed to it for debts due the bank, or (c) purchased at sale under judgments, decrees, deeds of trust, or mortgages held by the bank or purchased to secure debts due to it upon its securities, but the bank at such sale shall not bid a larger amount than required to satisfy such judgments or decrees with costs. Real estate acquired in satisfaction of debts or at a sale upon judgments, decrees, deeds of trust, or mortgages shall be sold at private or public sale within five years unless authority shall be given in writing by the director to hold it for a longer period.

(2) The total amount of real estate held by any bank for purposes of subdivisions (1)(b) and (c) of this section shall not be entered on the records of the bank as an asset at a value greater than (a) the unpaid balance of the debts due the bank plus its out-of-pocket expenses incurred in acquiring clear title, (b) its judgments or decrees with costs, or (c) the appraised value of such real estate, whichever is less, except that a bank may expend funds as necessary for repairs or to complete a project in order to market such property.

(3) A bank may utilize property acquired by it under subdivisions (1)(b) and (c) of this section in any manner authorized by the director.


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