Nebraska Revised Statute 8-149

Chapter 8


Banks; investment in bank premises or holding corporations; loans upon security of stock of holding corporation; written approval of Director of Banking and Finance required; when.

(1) No bank shall, without the written approval of the director, (a) invest in bank premises or in the stock, bonds, debentures, or other such obligations of any corporation holding the premises of such bank, or (b) make loans to or upon the security of the stock of any such corporation, if the aggregate of all such investments and loans will exceed the paid-up capital stock, surplus, and capital notes and debentures of such bank. Stock held as authorized by this section shall not be subject to the provisions of section 8-148.

(2) Investments by a bank in bank premises necessary for the transaction of its business shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) Premises that are owned and occupied, or to be occupied if under construction, by the bank, its branches, or its consolidated subsidiaries;

(b) Real estate acquired and intended, in good faith, for use in future expansions;

(c) Parking facilities that are used by customers or employees of the bank, its branches, or its consolidated subsidiaries;

(d) Residential property for the use of officers or employees of the bank, its branches, or its consolidated subsidiaries who are:

(i) Located in areas where suitable housing at a reasonable price is not readily available; or

(ii) Temporarily assigned to a foreign country, including foreign nationals temporarily assigned to the United States; and

(e) Property for the use of officers, employees, or customers of the bank, its branches, and its consolidated subsidiaries or for the temporary lodging of such persons in areas where suitable commercial lodging is not readily available, if the purchase and operation of the property qualifies as a deductible business expense for federal tax purposes.