Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1109.02

Chapter 8


Registration of securities; order of denial, suspension, or revocation; notice; request for hearing; modification of order.

Upon the entry of an order denying effectiveness to or suspending or revoking the effectiveness of a registration statement to register securities under any part of section 8-1109 or 8-1109.01, the director shall promptly notify the issuer of the securities and the applicant or registrant that the order has been entered and of the reasons therefor and that any person to whom the order is directed may request a hearing within fifteen business days after the issuance of the order. Upon receipt of a written request the matter will be set down for hearing to commence within thirty business days after the receipt unless the parties consent to a later date or the director or a hearing officer sets a later date for good cause. If no hearing is requested within fifteen business days of the issuance of the order and none is ordered by the director, the order shall automatically become a final order and shall remain in effect until it is modified or vacated by the director. If a hearing is requested or ordered, the director, after notice of and opportunity for hearing to the issuer and to the applicant or registrant, shall enter his or her written findings of fact and conclusions of law and may affirm, modify, or vacate the order. The director may modify or vacate a stop order if he or she finds that the conditions which prompted its entry have changed or that it is otherwise in the public interest to do so.


  • Failure of the Department of Banking and Finance to produce certified mail receipt is not conclusive proof that no notice was given. State v. Fries, 214 Neb. 874, 337 N.W.2d 398 (1983).

  • The alleged failure of the department to comply with the hearing requirements of this section were collateral matters in this criminal action and could not be raised on appeal. State v. Fries, 214 Neb. 874, 337 N.W.2d 398 (1983).