Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1109.01

Chapter 8


Registration of securities; denial, suspension, or revocation; additional grounds.

The director may issue an order denying effectiveness to, or suspend or revoke the effectiveness of, a registration statement to register securities by qualification if he or she finds that the conditions in subdivision (1) of section 8-1109, or if he or she finds that any of the following conditions exist:

(1) Such order is in the public interest;

(2) The issuer's plan of business, or the plan of financing is either unfair, unjust, inequitable, dishonest, oppressive, or fraudulent or would tend to work a fraud upon the purchaser;

(3) The issuer's or registrant's literature, circulars, or advertising is misleading, incorrect, incomplete, or calculated to deceive the purchaser or investor;

(4) The securities offered or to be offered, or issued or to be issued, in payment for property, patents, formulas, goodwill, promotion, or intangible assets, are in excess of the reasonable value thereof, or the offering has been, or would be, made with unreasonable amounts of options;

(5) The offering has been or would be made with unreasonable amounts of underwriters' or sellers' discounts, commissions, or other compensation, or promoters' profits or participation, or unreasonable amounts or kinds of options. However, in an application to register the securities for a holding company which is organized for one of its purposes to acquire or start an insurance company, the total commissions, organization and promotion expenses shall not exceed ten percent of the money paid upon stock subscriptions;

(6) The authority of the applicant or registrant to do business has been denied or revoked by any other governmental agency;

(7) The enterprise or business of the issuer, promoter, or guarantor is unlawful;

(8) There is a refusal to furnish information required by the director within a reasonable time to be fixed by the director;

(9) There has been a violation of the Securities Act of Nebraska, any rule and regulation under the act, or an order of the director of which such issuer or registrant has notice;

(10) There has been a failure to keep and maintain sufficient records to permit an audit satisfactorily disclosing to the director the true situation or condition of such issuer;

(11) The applicant or registrant has failed to pay the proper registration, filing, or investigation fee;

(12) Any registration statement registering securities by qualification, as of its effective date or as of any earlier date in the case of an order denying effectiveness, is incomplete in any material respect or contains any statement which was, in the light of the circumstances under which it was made, false or misleading with respect to any material fact; or

(13) The security registered or sought to be registered is the subject of a permanent or temporary injunction of any court of competent jurisdiction entered under any federal or state act applicable to the offering.