Nebraska Revised Statute 79-702

Chapter 79


Public school system; legislative intent.

(1) The Legislature recognizes that education as an investment in human resources is fundamental to the quality of life and economic development of Nebraskans. The Legislature further recognizes that public education faces ever growing challenges in an era of accelerated change, sophisticated information systems, high technology, and global markets. It is the intent of the Legislature to join with local governing bodies in a strong and ongoing partnership to further advance the quality and responsiveness of Nebraska's education system.

(2) It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage and support all public schools in this state in order to carry out the state's mission to promote quality education as described in section 79-701. Attracting and retaining highly qualified instructors in order to foster and improve a student's learning experience is a key factor in quality education. The Legislature intends to foster high standards of performance for teachers, students, administrators, and programs of instruction in the public schools so that each person of school age shall have the opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of the size, wealth, or geographic location of the school district in which such person resides.

(3) The Legislature intends that the schools meet the individual needs and develop the particular skills of all young Nebraskans. The Legislature further intends that all persons who graduate from Nebraska high schools possess certain minimum levels of knowledge, skills, and understanding.

(4) The Legislature recognizes that the resources of the state should be used efficiently to support the public school system of this state. The Legislature intends to foster, encourage, and, where necessary, mandate the cooperation of all public education service providers, including public school districts, educational service units, and the State Department of Education, in order to achieve a quality education system.


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