Nebraska Revised Statute 79-701

Chapter 79


Mission of public school system.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the mission of the State of Nebraska, through its public school system, is to:

(1) Offer each individual the opportunity to develop competence in the basic skills of communications, computations, and knowledge of basic facts concerning the environment, history, and society;

(2) Offer each individual the opportunity to develop higher order thinking and problem-solving skills by means of adequate preparation in mathematics, science, the social sciences, and foreign languages and by means of appropriate and progressive use of technology;

(3) Instill in each individual the ability and desire to continue learning throughout his or her life;

(4) Encourage knowledge and understanding of political society and democracy in order to foster active participation;

(5) Encourage the creative potential of each individual through exposure to the fine arts and humanities;

(6) Encourage a basic understanding of and aid the development of good health habits; and

(7) Offer each individual the opportunity for career exploration and awareness.