Nebraska Revised Statute 79-262

Chapter 79 Section 262


School board or board of education; rules and standards; establish; distribute and post.

(1) The school board or board of education shall establish and promulgate rules and standards concerning student conduct which are reasonably necessary to carry out or to prevent interference with carrying out any educational function, if such rules and standards are clear and definite so as to provide clear notice to the student and his or her parent or guardian as to the conduct prescribed, prohibited, or required under the rules and standards. Notwithstanding any other provisions contained in the Student Discipline Act, the school board or board of education may by rule specify a particular action as a sanction for particular conduct. Any such action must be otherwise authorized by section 79-258, 79-265, or 79-267. Any such rule shall be binding on all students, school officials, board members, and hearing examiners. Expulsion may be specified as a sanction for particular conduct only if the school board or board of education finds that the type of conduct for which expulsion is specified has the potential to seriously affect the health, safety, or welfare of the student, other students, staff members, or any other person or to otherwise seriously interfere with the educational process.

(2) All rules and standards established by school officials, other than the board, applicable to students shall not conflict with rules and standards adopted by the board. The board may change any rule or standard in accordance with policies which it may from time to time adopt.

(3) Rules or standards which form the basis for discipline shall be distributed to each student and his or her parent or guardian at the beginning of each school year, or at the time of enrollment if during the school year, and shall be posted in conspicuous places in each school during the school year. Changes in rules and standards shall not take effect until reasonable effort has been made to distribute such changes to each student and his or her parent or guardian.


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  • School officials have authority to regulate and control student conduct on school grounds, but are not given authority to search off school grounds, including a vehicle parked off school grounds that is not associated with a school-sponsored event or activity. J.P. v. Millard Public Schools, 285 Neb. 890, 830 N.W.2d 453 (2013).

  • The statutory procedures to be followed in establishing and promulgating rules and standards of student conduct and in suspending students for violation of such rules embody all due process requirements set out in Goss v. Lopez, 419 U.S. 565 (1975). Walker v. Bradley, 211 Neb. 873, 320 N.W.2d 900 (1982).