Nebraska Revised Statute 79-248

Chapter 79


Pupils; health inspections; notice of defects; contagious or infectious disease; duty of school district.

Every school district shall cause children under its jurisdiction to be separately and carefully inspected, except as otherwise provided in this section, to ascertain if a child is suffering from (1) defective sight or hearing, (2) dental defects, or (3) other conditions as prescribed by the Department of Health and Human Services. Such inspections shall be conducted on a schedule prescribed by the department and shall be based on current medical and public health practice. If such inspection determines that any child has such condition, the school shall notify the parent of the child in writing of such condition and explain to such parent the necessity of professional attendance for such child. Whenever a child apparently shows symptoms of any contagious or infectious disease, such child shall be sent home immediately or as soon as safe and proper conveyance can be found and the proper school authority, school board, or board of education shall be at once notified. Such student may be excluded from school as provided in section 79-264. A child shall not be required to submit to an inspection required by this section if his or her parent or guardian provides school authorities with a statement signed by a physician, a physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse practicing under and in accordance with his or her respective credentialing act or other qualified provider as identified by the department in rules and regulations adopted pursuant to section 79-249, stating that such child has undergone such required inspection within the past six months. A child shall submit to any required inspection for which such a statement is not received.


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