Nebraska Revised Statute 79-2122

Chapter 79


Community achievement plans; submission to State Department of Education; state board; approve or reject; reasons; term; report; department; duties.

(1) Community achievement plans shall be submitted by learning community coordinating councils to the State Board of Education for approval.

(2) Community achievement plans shall be developed, in consultation with the student achievement coordinator or other department staff designated by the Commissioner of Education, by the learning community submitting the plan, the learning community advisory committee, and educational service units with member school districts that are members of the learning community.

(3) Community achievement plans and plan renewals shall be submitted to the State Department of Education for an initial review by the student achievement coordinator or other department staff designated by the commissioner on or before January 1, 2017, for community achievement plans to be implemented beginning with school year 2017-18 and on or before January 1 immediately preceding the school year when the plan or plan renewal will be implemented. The student achievement coordinator or other department staff designated by the commissioner shall return the plan or plan renewal with any suggestions or comments on or before the immediately following February 15 to allow the plan to be revised prior to submission on or before March 15 for final approval by the state board at the state board’s April meeting. If the state board rejects a plan or plan renewal, the reasons for the rejection shall be included with the notice of rejection and an opportunity shall be provided to revise the plan or plan renewal and for participating collaborators to appear before the board prior to a reconsideration of approval.

(4) The state board shall not approve or renew a community achievement plan unless the plan:

(a) Receives the commitment of all member school districts to participate in the plan for the three-year plan period;

(b) Clearly describes the plan responsibilities for each participating school district, the submitting learning community, the educational service unit, and any other collaborating entities;

(c) Includes an evaluation of achievement equity and an identification of achievement barriers across the participating school districts;

(d) Relies on the collaboration of all participating districts to address achievement equity and barriers to achievement across such school districts using evidence-based methods;

(e) Aligns with plans used by participating districts for accreditation, poverty, limited English proficiency, and federal funds;

(f) Evaluates the effectiveness of the efforts to address achievement equity and barriers to achievement through the community achievement plan and through other aligned plans in an effort to determine, encourage, and promulgate best practices and the efficient use of resources;

(g) Has a high likelihood, in the opinion of the state board based on the evidence presented, of improving achievement equity and reducing the impact of barriers to achievement; and

(h) For renewals, reflects changes in the plans and the actions of the collaborators in response to evaluation results.

(5) An approved plan shall remain in effect for three years except as revised with the approval of the state board. The learning community shall submit a report on the success of the plan, evaluation results, and proposed revisions by December 1 immediately following the completion of the first two years of implementation and every three years thereafter.

(6) The department shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations establishing procedures for plan approval and technical assistance that allow for a preliminary review and recommendations from the department prior to submission of the final plan for approval by the state board. Such procedures shall also provide for an appeal process for plans that have not been approved, which includes an opportunity to present evidence to the state board.