Nebraska Revised Statute 79-2121

Chapter 79


Plan to reduce excessive absenteeism; development and participation.

The superintendents of any school districts that are members of a learning community shall develop and participate in a plan by August 1, 2011, to reduce excessive absenteeism including a process to share information regarding at-risk youth with the goal of improving educational outcomes, providing effective interventions that impact risk factors, and reducing unnecessary penetration deeper into the juvenile justice system. For purposes of this section, at-risk youth means children who are under the supervision of the Office of Probation Administration, are committed to the care, custody, or supervision of the Department of Health and Human Services, are otherwise involved in the juvenile justice system, or have been absent from school for more than five days per quarter or the hourly equivalent except when excused by school authorities or when a documented illness makes attendance impossible or impracticable.