Nebraska Revised Statute 79-2114

Chapter 79


Elementary learning center; services and programs; report required.

(1) Programs offered by an elementary learning center may be accessed by any elementary-age child who resides in the learning community or any family with an elementary-age child who resides in the learning community. Services to be provided by the elementary learning center shall comply with all applicable state regulations for such services, including, but not limited to, regulations requiring certification of teachers, safety provisions, and compliance with state standards. Such programs shall be designed to enhance the academic success of elementary students and may include, but are not limited to:

(a) Summer school, extended-school-day programs, and extended-school-year programs which may be coordinated with programs offered in the schools;

(b) Literacy centers for providing intensive assistance to elementary-age children and their parents to work on reading skills outside of the school day;

(c) Computer labs;

(d) Tutors for elementary students;

(e) Mentors for elementary students;

(f) Services for transient students;

(g) Attendance advocates to assist in resolving issues that contribute to truancy;

(h) Transportation for truant students;

(i) English classes for parents and other family members;

(j) Health services;

(k) Mental health services;

(l) Child care for children of parents working on their own literacy skills or working with their children on academic skills at the center;

(m) Nutritional services for families working on skills at the center;

(n) Transportation for participating families;

(o) Distribution of clothing and school supplies;

(p) Information on other resources to assist participating families; and

(q) Interpreter services for educational needs.

(2) Each elementary learning center shall report the participation of elementary students in academic programs offered by or in collaboration with the center to the elementary schools attended by such students.