Nebraska Revised Statute 79-1245

Chapter 79


Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council; created; composition; funding; powers.

(1) The Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council is created. The council shall be composed of one administrator from each educational service unit and beginning July 1, 2017, one nonvoting administrator from each learning community. The council shall be funded from two percent of the core services and technology infrastructure funding appropriated pursuant to section 79-1241.03, appropriations by the Legislature for distance education, and fees established for services provided to educational entities.

(2) The council is a political subdivision and a public body corporate and politic of this state, exercising public powers separate from the participating educational service units. The council shall have the duties, privileges, immunities, rights, liabilities, and disabilities of a political subdivision and a public body corporate and politic but shall not have taxing power.

(3) The council shall have power (a) to sue and be sued, (b) to have a seal and alter the same at will or to dispense with the necessity thereof, (c) to make and execute contracts and other instruments, (d) to receive, hold, and use money and real and personal property, (e) to hire and compensate employees, including certificated employees, (f) to act as a fiscal agent for statewide initiatives being implemented by employees of one or more educational service units, and (g) from time to time, to make, amend, and repeal bylaws, rules, and regulations not inconsistent with sections 79-1245 to 79-1249. Such power shall only be used as necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the powers and purposes of the council.