Nebraska Revised Statute 79-1213

Chapter 79


Reorganized units; warrants; purpose; interest.

The board of any reorganized educational service unit pursuant to sections 79-1206 to 79-1211 is authorized to issue warrants in an amount necessary for the following purposes: (1) To pay its expenses for a one-year period beginning one year after approval of any plan of reorganization by the State Board of Education; and (2) to finance the programs and services of the reorganized educational service unit beginning one year after the approval of any plan of reorganization by the State Board of Education until the distribution of the proceeds of its first tax levy less the amount of cash on hand and to be received during such period. Whenever any board of a reorganized educational service unit issues warrants, such board shall make a tax levy at the next tax-levying period sufficient to pay the same and the interest thereon. Such warrants shall bear interest at the rate of not more than six percent per annum and shall be recorded by the treasurer of the board and redeemed as provided in Chapter 77, article 22, and amendments thereto.


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