Nebraska Revised Statute 77-915

Chapter 77


Tax; challenge to constitutionality; tax paid under protest; credit refund.

(1) Commencing with taxes imposed for 1985 or any subsequent year, if a taxpayer believes any tax imposed pursuant to Chapter 77, article 9, is unconstitutional and chooses to challenge such tax, the taxpayer shall pay the tax under protest and, within thirty days after payment or within thirty days after March 15, 1986, whichever is later, initiate a court challenge to the tax in the district court of Lancaster County, which challenge shall be heard by the district court de novo.

(2) If, by judgment or final order of any court of competent jurisdiction in this state in an action not pending on appeal or error, it is adjudged and determined that such taxes are unconstitutional, such taxes shall be refunded only by applying such refund as a credit against the payment of any such tax falling due thereafter unless special circumstances, as determined by the director, require a refund.


  • Laws 1986, LB 1114, § 14.