Nebraska Revised Statute 77-907

Chapter 77


Terms, defined.

As used in Chapter 77, article 9, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Domestic, foreign, and alien insurance companies shall have the meanings as set forth in section 44-103 and shall include reciprocal or interinsurance exchanges and their designated attorneys in fact as defined in Chapter 44, article 12;

(2) Department shall mean the Department of Insurance;

(3) Director shall mean the Director of Insurance;

(4) Premiums shall mean the consideration paid to insurance companies for insurance and shall include policy fees, assessments, dues, or other similar payments, except that premiums on all annuity contracts and pension, profit-sharing, individually sponsored retirement plans, and other pension plan contracts which are described in section 818(a) of the Internal Revenue Code shall be exempt from taxation;

(5) License shall mean certificate of authority as contemplated by section 44-105; and

(6) Direct writing shall mean insurance as defined in section 44-102, but shall not include reinsurance as defined in section 44-103.



  • Definition of insurance did not limit taxation to insurance policies. Bankers Life Ins. Co. v. Laughlin, 160 Neb. 480, 70 N.W.2d 474 (1955).