Nebraska Revised Statute 77-6927

Chapter 77


Base-year employment levels; review and certification; effect.

(1) The taxpayer may request the Tax Commissioner to review and certify the taxpayer's base-year employment levels. Upon a request for such review, the Tax Commissioner shall be given access to the employment and business records of the taxpayer and must complete the review within ninety days after the request. If the Tax Commissioner requests, by mail or by electronic means, additional information or clarification from the taxpayer in order to make his or her determination, the ninety-day period shall be tolled from the time the Tax Commissioner makes the request to the time he or she receives the requested information or clarification from the taxpayer. The taxpayer and the Tax Commissioner may also agree to extend the ninety-day period. If the Tax Commissioner fails to make his or her determination within the prescribed ninety-day period, the certification is deemed approved.

(2) Upon review, the Tax Commissioner may approve or amend the taxpayer's base-year employment levels based upon the employment and business records provided by the taxpayer. Once the Tax Commissioner certifies the employment levels, the certification is binding on the Department of Revenue when the taxpayer claims benefits on a return to the extent the information provided by the taxpayer was accurate and to the extent such information is not affected by any of the situations described in section 77-6921.

(3) If the taxpayer does not request review and certification of employment levels under this section, such levels are subject to later audit by the Department of Revenue.