Nebraska Revised Statute 77-5209

Chapter 77


Beginning farmer or livestock producer; qualifications.

(1) The board shall determine who is qualified as a beginning farmer or livestock producer based on the qualifications found in this section. A qualified beginning farmer or livestock producer shall be an individual who: (a) Has a net worth of not more than seven hundred fifty thousand dollars, including any holdings by a spouse or dependent, based on fair market value; (b) provides the majority of the day-to-day physical labor and management of his or her farming or livestock production operations; (c) has, by the judgment of the board, adequate farming or livestock production experience or demonstrates knowledge in the type of farming or livestock production for which he or she seeks assistance from the board; (d) demonstrates to the board a profit potential by submitting board-approved projected earnings statements and agrees that farming or livestock production is intended to become his or her principal source of income; (e) demonstrates to the board a need for assistance; (f) participates in a financial management program approved by the board; (g) submits a nutrient management plan and a soil conservation plan to the board on any applicable agricultural assets purchased or rented from an owner of agricultural assets; (h) is of legal age to enter into and be legally responsible for a binding contract or lease as provided under section 43-2101; and (i) has such other qualifications as specified by the board. The qualified beginning farmer or livestock producer net worth thresholds in subdivision (a) of this subsection shall be adjusted annually beginning October 1, 2023, and each October 1 thereafter, by taking the average Producer Price Index for all commodities, published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the most recent twelve available periods divided by the Producer Price Index for 2022 and multiplying the result by the qualified beginning farmer's or livestock producer's net worth threshold. If the resulting amount is not a multiple of twenty-five thousand dollars, the amount shall be rounded to the next lowest twenty-five thousand dollars.

(2) When determining a qualified beginning farmer's or livestock producer's net worth, the board shall exclude from such determination any pension, retirement, or other types of deferred benefit accounts owned by the beginning farmer or livestock producer, including such accounts owned by a spouse or dependent.

(3) A qualified beginning farmer or livestock producer who has participated in a board approved and certified three-year rental agreement with an owner of agricultural assets shall be eligible to file subsequent applications for different assets.