Nebraska Revised Statute 77-4110

Chapter 77 Section 4110


Annual report; contents; joint hearing.

(1) The Tax Commissioner shall submit electronically an annual report to the Legislature no later than July 15 of each year. The Department of Revenue shall, on or before September 1 of each year, appear at a joint hearing of the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature and the Revenue Committee of the Legislature and present the report. Any supplemental information requested by three or more committee members shall be presented within thirty days after the request.

(2) The report shall list (a) the agreements which have been signed during the previous calendar year, (b) the agreements which are still in effect, (c) the identity of each taxpayer, and (d) the location of each project.

(3) The report shall also state by industry group (a) the specific incentive options applied for under the Employment and Investment Growth Act, (b) the refunds allowed on the investment, (c) the credits earned, (d) the credits used to reduce the corporate income tax and the credits used to reduce the individual income tax, (e) the credits used to obtain sales and use tax refunds, (f) the number of jobs created, (g) the total number of employees employed in the state by the taxpayer on the last day of the calendar quarter prior to the application date and the total number of employees employed in the state by the taxpayer on subsequent reporting dates, (h) the expansion of capital investment, (i) the estimated wage levels of jobs created subsequent to the application date, (j) the total number of qualified applicants, (k) the projected future state revenue gains and losses, (l) the sales tax refunds owed to the applicants, (m) the credits outstanding, and (n) the value of personal property exempted by class in each county.

(4) No information shall be provided in the report that is protected by state or federal confidentiality laws.