Nebraska Revised Statute 77-4007

Chapter 77


Tobacco products, defined.

Tobacco products shall mean (1) cigars, (2) cheroots, (3) stogies, (4) periques, (5) granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready rubbed, and other smoking tobacco, (6) snuff, (7) snuff flour, (8) cavendish, (9) plug and twist tobacco, (10) fine cut and other chewing tobacco, (11) shorts, refuse scraps, clippings, cuttings, and sweepings of tobacco, and (12) other kinds and forms of tobacco, prepared in such manner as to be suitable for chewing or smoking in a pipe or otherwise or both for chewing and smoking, except that tobacco products shall not mean cigarettes as defined in section 77-2601.


  • Laws 1987, LB 730, § 7.