Nebraska Revised Statute 77-367

Chapter 77


Products and services to identify nonfilers of returns, underreporters, nonpayers of taxes, or improper or fraudulent payments; contract authorized; duties; use of proceeds; report.

(1) The Department of Revenue may contract to procure products and services to develop, deploy, or administer systems or programs which identify nonfilers of returns, underreporters, or nonpayers of taxes administered by the department or improper or fraudulent payments made through programs administered by the department. The department shall enter into at least one such contract by December 31, 2014, and such contract shall be for the purpose of identifying nonfilers of returns with a tax liability in any amount or underreporters or nonpayers of taxes with an outstanding tax liability of at least five thousand dollars. Fees for services, reimbursements, costs incurred by the department, or other remuneration may be funded from the amount of tax, penalty, interest, or other recovery actually collected and shall be paid only after the amount is collected. The Legislature intends to appropriate an amount from the tax, penalty, interest, and other recovery actually collected, not to exceed the amount collected, which is sufficient to pay for services, reimbursements, costs incurred by the department, or other remuneration pursuant to this section. Vendors entering into a contract with the department pursuant to this section are subject to the requirements and penalties of the confidentiality laws of this state regarding tax information.

(2) Ten percent of all proceeds received during each calendar year due to the contracts entered into pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the Department of Revenue Enforcement Fund for purposes of identifying nonfilers, underreporters, nonpayers, and improper or fraudulent payments.

(3) The Tax Commissioner shall submit electronically an annual report to the Revenue Committee of the Legislature and Appropriations Committee of the Legislature on the amount of dollars generated during the previous fiscal year pursuant to this section.