Nebraska Revised Statute 77-362.02

Chapter 77


Department of Motor Vehicles; provide information to Department of Revenue.

In order to assist the Department of Revenue in carrying out its duties, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall provide information about individuals holding an operator's or driver's license or a state identification card under the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act to the Department of Revenue in a manner agreed to by the Department of Revenue and the Department of Motor Vehicles. The information shall include:

(1) The individual's name;

(2) The individual's address of record;

(3) The individual's social security number, if available and permissible under law, and the individual's date of birth;

(4) The type of license, permit, or card held;

(5) The issuance date of the license, permit, or card;

(6) The expiration date of the license, permit, or card; and

(7) The status of the license, permit, or card.

The Department of Revenue may enter into agreements with the Director of Motor Vehicles to carry out this section.

Cross References

  • Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act, see section 60-462.