Nebraska Revised Statute 77-3523

Chapter 77


Homestead; exemption; county treasurer and county assessor; certify tax revenue lost within county; reimbursed; manner; distribution.

The county treasurer and county assessor shall, on or before November 30 of each year, certify to the Tax Commissioner the total tax revenue that will be lost to all taxing agencies within the county from taxes levied and assessed in that year because of exemptions allowed under sections 77-3501 to 77-3529. The county treasurer and county assessor may amend the certification to show any change or correction in the total tax that will be lost until May 30 of the next succeeding year. If a homestead exemption is approved, denied, or corrected by the Tax Commissioner under subsection (2) of section 77-3517 after May 1 of the next year, the county treasurer and county assessor shall prepare and submit amended reports to the Tax Commissioner and the political subdivisions covering any affected year and shall adjust the reimbursement to the county and the other political subdivisions by adjusting the reimbursement due under this section in later years. The Tax Commissioner shall, on or before January 1 next following such certification or within thirty days of any amendment to the certification, notify the Director of Administrative Services of the amount so certified to be reimbursed by the state. Reimbursement of the funds lost shall be made to each county according to the certification and shall be distributed in six as nearly as possible equal monthly payments on the last business day of each month beginning in January. The Director of Administrative Services shall, on the last business day of each month, issue payments by electronic funds transfer. Out of the amount so received the county treasurer shall distribute to each of the taxing agencies within his or her county the full amount so lost by such agency, except that one percent of such amount shall be deposited in the county general fund and that the amount due a Class V school district shall be paid to the district and the county shall be compensated one percent of such amount. Each taxing agency shall, in preparing its annual or biennial budget, take into account the amount to be received under this section.