Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2785

Chapter 77


Income tax; assessment; deficiency; date.

(1) The amount of income tax which is shown to be due on an income tax return, including revisions for mathematical or clerical errors, shall be deemed to be assessed on the date of filing of the return including any amended returns showing an increase of tax. In the case of a return properly filed without the computation of the tax, the tax computed by the Tax Commissioner shall be deemed to be assessed on the date when payment is due. If a notice of deficiency has been mailed, the amount of the deficiency shall be deemed to be assessed on the date provided in section 77-2777 if no protest is filed or, if a protest is filed, then upon the date when the determination of the Tax Commissioner becomes final. If an amended return or report filed pursuant to the provisions of section 77-2775 concedes the accuracy of a federal change or correction or a state change or correction which has become final on or after May 1, 1993, any deficiency in the income tax under the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 resulting therefrom shall be deemed to be assessed on the date of filing such report or amended return and such assessment shall be timely notwithstanding any other provisions of such act. Any amount paid as a tax or in respect of a tax, other than amounts withheld at the source or paid as estimated income tax, shall be deemed to be assessed upon the date of receipt of payment notwithstanding any other provision of such act.

(2) If the mode or time for the assessment of income tax under the provisions of the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, including interest, additions to tax, and penalties, is not otherwise provided for, the Tax Commissioner may establish the same by regulation.

(3) The Tax Commissioner may, at any time within the period prescribed for assessment, make a supplemental assessment, subject to the provisions of section 77-2776 when applicable, whenever it is found that any assessment is imperfect or incomplete in any material aspect.

(4) If the Tax Commissioner believes that the assessment or collection of a deficiency will be jeopardized by delay, by the frivolous objections of any person to compliance with the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, or by the attempt of any person to impede the administration of such act, he or she shall, notwithstanding the provisions of section 77-2786, immediately assess such tax, including interest and additions to tax, and penalties as provided by law and give notice and demand for payment to such person. When an assessment is made under this subsection, collection proceedings may be stayed by application for review and the posting of such security as may be required by the Tax Commissioner under section 77-27,129.