Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2757

Chapter 77


Income tax; employer or payor required to deduct; trust fund.

Every employer or payor required to deduct and withhold income tax under the provisions of the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 is hereby made liable for such tax. For purposes of assessment and collection, any amount required to be withheld and paid over to the Tax Commissioner, and any additions to tax, penalties, and interest with respect thereto, shall be considered the tax of the employer or payor. Any amount of tax actually deducted and withheld shall constitute a trust fund in the hands of the employer or payor and shall be owned by the state. No employee or payee shall have any right of action against his or her employer or payor in respect to any money deducted and withheld from his or her wages or other payments and paid over to the Tax Commissioner in compliance or in intended compliance with the provisions of such act.