Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2734.15

Chapter 77


Income tax; apportionment; petition for special method of apportionment; Tax Commissioner; powers and duties.

(1) If the apportionment provisions contained in sections 77-2734.01 to 77-2734.14 do not fairly represent the taxable income that is reasonably attributable to the business operations conducted within this state, the taxpayer may petition for or the Tax Commissioner may require, in respect to all or any part of the federal taxable income, if reasonable:

(a) The inclusion of one or more additional factors which will fairly represent the taxpayer's taxable income in this state;

(b) The exclusion of any one or more factors;

(c) Separate accounting; or

(d) The employment of any other method to effectuate an equitable apportionment of the taxpayer's income.

(2) Subsection (1) of this section is intended to apply only in unique and nonrecurring factual situations which would otherwise produce incongruous results under the normal apportionment formula.

(3) The Tax Commissioner may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for appropriate procedures for the computation of the property, payroll, and sales factors of the apportionment formula for certain industries when necessary to retain uniformity with the taxation methods of other states or when the characteristics of the industry are such that the normal computation methods are not appropriate. Such industries shall include, but are not limited to, transportation, broadcast communications, and insurance.

(4) If the Tax Commissioner fails to mail a notice of final action on any petition under the provisions of this section within thirty days after the filing of such petition, the taxpayer may, prior to notice of action on the petition, consider the petition denied.