Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2705.01

Chapter 77


Direct payment permit; issuance; application; fee.

(1) The Tax Commissioner may issue direct payment permits to any person who annually purchases at least three million dollars of taxable property excluding purchases for which a resale certificate could be used.

(2) The applicant for a direct payment permit shall apply on a form prescribed by the Tax Commissioner. The applicant shall pay a nonrefundable fee of ten dollars for processing the application. The application shall include the agreement of the applicant to accrue and pay to the Tax Commissioner on or before the twentieth day of the month following the date of purchase, lease, or rental all sales and use taxes on the taxable property purchased, leased, or rented by the applicant unless the items are exempt from taxation and the tax paid will be treated as a sales tax. The Tax Commissioner may require a description of the accounting methods by which an applicant will differentiate between taxable and exempt transactions.

(3) The Tax Commissioner may issue a direct payment permit to any applicant who meets the requirements of subsections (1) and (2) of this section. The direct payment permit shall become effective on the first day of the month following approval of an application. The decision of the Tax Commissioner under this section is not appealable. An applicant who is denied a direct payment permit may submit an amended application or reapply.

(4) A direct payment permit is not transferable.

(5) The holder of a direct payment permit is not entitled to any collection fee otherwise payable to those who collect and remit sales and use taxes.