Nebraska Revised Statute 77-27,144

Chapter 77 Section 27,144


Municipalities; sales and use tax; Tax Commissioner; collection; distribution; refunds; notice; deduction.

(1) The Tax Commissioner shall collect the tax imposed by any incorporated municipality concurrently with collection of a state tax in the same manner as the state tax is collected. The Tax Commissioner shall remit monthly the proceeds of the tax to the incorporated municipalities levying the tax, after deducting the amount of refunds made and three percent of the remainder to be credited to the Municipal Equalization Fund.

(2) Deductions for a refund made pursuant to section 77-4105, 77-4106, 77-5725, or 77-5726 shall be delayed for one year after the refund has been made to the taxpayer. The Department of Revenue shall notify the municipality liable for a refund exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars of the pending refund, the amount of the refund, and the month in which the deduction will be made or begin, except that if the amount of a refund claimed under section 77-4105, 77-4106, 77-5725, or 77-5726 exceeds twenty-five percent of the municipality's total sales and use tax receipts, net of any refunds or sales tax collection fees, for the municipality's prior fiscal year, the department shall deduct the refund over the period of one year in equal monthly amounts beginning after the one-year notification period required by this subsection. This subsection applies to refunds owed by cities of the first class, cities of the second class, and villages. This subsection applies to refunds beginning January 1, 2014.

(3) The Tax Commissioner shall keep full and accurate records of all money received and distributed under the provisions of the Local Option Revenue Act. When proceeds of a tax levy are received but the identity of the incorporated municipality which levied the tax is unknown and is not identified within six months after receipt, the amount shall be credited to the Municipal Equalization Fund. The municipality may request the names and addresses of the retailers which have collected the tax as provided in subsection (13) of section 77-2711 and may certify an individual to request and review confidential sales and use tax returns and sales and use tax return information as provided in subsection (14) of section 77-2711.