Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2620

Chapter 77


Contraband cigarettes; confiscation; destruction.

All cigarettes subject to the tax as imposed by section 77-2602, to which stamps have not been affixed or tax impressions made, as required by sections 77-2601 to 77-2615, except as permitted by the provisions of section 77-2607, when found in any place in this state are declared to be contraband goods and may be seized by the Tax Commissioner, by the Tax Commissioner's agents or employees, or by any peace officer of this state, when directed by the Tax Commissioner to do so, without a warrant. The Tax Commissioner may, upon satisfactory proof, direct the return of any confiscated cigarettes when he or she has reason to believe that the owner thereof has not willfully or intentionally evaded any tax imposed under section 77-2602. The Tax Commissioner may, in the absence of proof of good faith, confiscate any unstamped cigarettes or cigarettes without tax impressions found in the possession of any person, except as permitted by section 77-2607. Any cigarettes forfeited to the state under this section shall be destroyed or used for law enforcement purposes and then destroyed. The Tax Commissioner, his or her agents and employees, and any peace officer of this state, when directed so to do, shall not in any way be responsible in any court for the seizure or the confiscation of any unstamped packages of cigarettes or cigarettes without tax impressions.