Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2206

Chapter 77


Warrants; registration; order of payment; notice to holder; exception.

It shall be the duty of every treasurer to pay each registered warrant in the order of its registration to its proper fund when there is sufficient money in the treasury to the credit of the proper fund against which the registered warrant is drawn. In such a case, the treasurer shall give notice by mail to the holder at his or her address if known to such treasurer, or if unknown, the treasurer shall give notice to the holders of registered warrants to be paid by causing one publication to be made in a legal newspaper published in the county or, if none is published in the county, in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the county where the treasurer's office is located, that certain registered warrants against a certain fund, designated from a beginning number to a concluding number inclusive, will be paid at the office of such treasurer. After the date for payment named in the call, interest upon such warrant shall cease. The State Treasurer may pay any warrant of a less amount than twenty-five dollars when presented for payment regardless of the order of presentation for payment or registration.


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  • It is the duty of treasurer of school district to give notice to holder of warrant when sufficient money is in treasury to pay same. Havelock Nat. Bank v. Northport Irrigation Dist., 139 Neb. 747, 298 N.W. 695 (1941).

  • Refusal of holder of General Fund warrant to accept payment of money known to belong to permanent school fund was proper. State ex rel. Stull Bros. v. Bartley, 41 Neb. 277, 59 N.W. 907 (1894).

  • Warrants must be paid in order of entry upon record. State ex rel. Cody v. Colfax County, 10 Neb. 29, 4 N.W. 377 (1880).