Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1835

Chapter 77


Real property taxes; issuance of treasurer's tax deed; manner and proof of publication; false affidavit; penalty.

The notice provided by section 77-1834 shall be published three consecutive weeks, the last time not less than three months before applying for the tax deed. Proof of publication shall be made by filing in the county treasurer's office the affidavit of the publisher, manager, or other employee of such newspaper, affirming that to his or her personal knowledge, the notice was published for the time and in the manner provided in this section, setting out a copy of the notice and the date upon which the same was published. The purchaser or assignee shall also file in the county treasurer's office an affidavit affirming that a title search was conducted by a registered abstracter to determine those persons entitled to notice pursuant to section 77-1832 and a copy of such title search. The affidavits, the copy of the notice, and the copy of the title search shall be filed with the application for the tax deed pursuant to section 77-1837. Such documents shall be preserved as a part of the files of the office. Any publisher, manager, or employee of a newspaper knowingly or negligently making a false affidavit regarding any such matters shall be guilty of perjury and shall be punished accordingly. Section 25-520.01 does not apply to publication of notice pursuant to section 77-1834.


Cross References


  • Notice must be published for three consecutive weeks. Kuska v. Kubat, 147 Neb. 139, 22 N.W.2d 484 (1946).

  • A tax deed, void for want of proper affidavit of service having been filed with county treasurer, is not validated by filing of subsequent affidavit showing compliance. Brokaw v. Cottrell, 114 Neb. 858, 211 N.W. 184 (1926).

  • Proof of publication of notice must be made by affidavit, sworn to before officer authorized to administer oaths. Lanning v. Haases, 89 Neb. 19, 130 N.W. 1008 (1911).

  • Where affidavit of publication was sworn to before notice of publication could have been completed, the proof of publication was insufficient. Lanning v. Musser, 88 Neb. 418, 129 N.W. 1022 (1911).

  • Notice must be inserted at least three times, first being not more than five months and last not less than three months, before time fixed by law for redemption expires. State ex rel. Richards v. Gayhart, 34 Neb. 192, 51 N.W. 746 (1892).