Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1775.01

Chapter 77


Appeal resulting in lower value; refund; procedure.

(1) When property is valued or equalized by the Tax Commissioner, the Property Tax Administrator, or the Tax Equalization and Review Commission and an appeal is taken from such valuation or equalization and the final result of such appeal establishes a lower value than that upon which taxes have been paid, the amount of taxes paid on the value in excess of that finally determined value shall be refunded to the prevailing party who has paid such tax. If an appeal results in a lower value, only the taxpayer who is a party to the appeal shall be entitled to a refund.

(2) Upon receipt of a final nonappealable order, the commission shall meet or the Property Tax Administrator shall act within thirty days thereof to order the recertification of valuation of the prevailing party.

(3) The Property Tax Administrator upon receiving a certified copy of such recertification order shall recertify the amount of the valuation or tax to the county assessor of the county or counties to which the tax was paid or distributed. If only valuation was previously certified to a county or counties, then the Property Tax Administrator shall recertify the value resulting from the final nonappealable order to the county assessor who received the original valuation which was changed by the final order. The refund shall be made in the manner prescribed in section 77-1736.06. Nothing in this section shall be construed to mean that any taxpayer shall have had to pay any tax under protest or claim a refund of the tax paid.


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